How Do You Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform

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How Do You Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform

Around the metaverse world, new applications based  on blockchain technology are being found every single day. Most people think of Bitcoin and investing when they hear the word "blockchain," however this technology is not limited to just making handsome money.

Agriculture, healthcare, IT sector and the retail sector are among the businesses that employ blockchain. With this, the "Online Gaming" business has also gotten involved and is the easiest way to earn money.

Top Blockchain games for play-to-earn

Here are a few of the most cutting-edge blockchain games and popular Meta verse blockchain-based games.


On the Ethereum blockchain network, a game called CryptoKitties is played. Players can acquire, breed, buy, and trade various CryptoKitties in the game, which was developed by Canadian studio Dapper Labs. Every CryptoKitty is a distinct NFT, proving the owner has a distinctive pet.

My ICO Heroes

You can level up your character in the multiplier RPG My Crypto Heroes by completing tasks and engaging in PVP combat. The game includes fascinating tasks, pixelated visuals, and a lot of depth. Like CryptoKitties, the game makes use of the Ethereum blockchain network.


It is a trading card game built on the Ethereum blockchain. People can play and trade various NFT-based cards using the gaming features. The business frequently expands platform space to accommodate more users.

Benefits of Blockchain Gaming 

Developers gain from blockchain gaming, which justifies investment in this industry. The following are the main benefits of adopting blockchain in games that you should keep in mind when creating them:

1. Dependable data security

Modern technology is used by blockchain-based games to safeguard the use and storage of cryptocurrency tokens. It means that developers run a very minimal danger of being hacked. Since the entire database is decentralized, it is very impossible for hackers to alter or intercept player transactions. 

2. Various chances for advancement

Since the market for crypto-games is currently growing, companies investing in the development of game apps in this sector can take advantage of a variety of growth prospects and have a better chance of capturing market share.

3. Experiences that are secure and user-friendly

Because they provide a high level of security, games using blockchain technology can be user-friendly. Tech-savvy gamers value these advantages and may grow loyal to the well-made, engaging blockchain games as a result.

4. The distribution of assets is transparent

Developers may also benefit from the asset distribution process' comprehensive transparency. Players who desire to own their possessions and feel secure in their ownership can be drawn to them. Developers can take a portion of the traditional gaming business by enticing gamers who had bad experiences with asset ownership or who simply want to feel protected.

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