Wood Guide to your Furnitures

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Wood Guide to your Furnitures


Natural solid wood and engineered wood are the two main types of wood used to construct furniture. Hardwood and softwood are the other categories for solid wood. You can share your views at the Furniture Write For Us category. 

Best wood for Furniture 

The best category of woods are- 

Teak Wood

Unsurprisingly known as teak wood, Tectona Grandis is a very fascinating wood valued for its extraordinary qualities. Despite how incredible this wood is, you must have noticed problems since otherwise, you might even have furniture made of teak in your house or business! When compared to other types of wood, teak is more expensive, but it's also one of the few woods that is incredibly durable. Teak is mostly found in South and South-East Asia and is a tropical hardwood similar to mango wood. Some nations where teak grows include India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, and Northern Thailand. There are two varieties of teak wood that are common throughout Asia: Nagpur and Central Province Teak.

Rose Wood

Any variety of richly coloured timbers, usually dark brown with darker veining but available in a wide range of other colours, are referred to as rosewood. The term "rosewood" is used by the timber trade to describe a variety of timbers.Many of those woods have roots in various legume genera. Sheesham may be a species of rosewood native to Bangladesh and the Republic of India that is also known as North Indian rosewood or Sheesham. Its exterior is porous, mushy, and susceptible to wood-boring insects even while its timber is quite dense and delicately rot resistant. In addition to carving, it is used to make floors and cabinets. It is shipped abroad as premium veneers. All rosewoods are strong and substantial, shine beautifully, and are suitable for guitars.  

Sal Wood

wood has a rough and onerous texture and is one of the most durable woods currently available. Although it is a naturally light-coloured wood, constant exposure to sunlight causes it to turn dark. It is quite dense and robust. One of the most important sources of hardwood in India is the sal tree. It has a pale colour and coarse grain when it is freshly cut. It is immediately available in all different sizes and shapes. Customising this wood to fit your unique needs is therefore not a deterrent. This wood works best in cold areas because it is strong enough to withstand water. In addition to being stronger and heavier than teak, it is also termite, water, and fungus resistant. Sal wood is very and genuinely robust.  

Meranti Wood 

One of the easiest hardwoods to work with is meranti since it can be easily cut and sanded by machines. As one of the most affordable hardwoods, Meranti Wood is utilised for laminate moulding, furniture, structure, window, cupboard, and door trim. Meranti creates long, straight pieces of timber because it has a straight-grain consistency. The exposed grain of the Meranti wood requires sanding and priming before painting. It efficiently cuts plants, machines, and sands. Meranti can only be cut using steel sharp edges, bits, and blades; nevertheless, production-level tools and tools with carbide tips are preferred. 

The Bottom Line

The most popular woods are hardwoods like rosewood, mahogany, mango, and acacia. These hardwoods are durable, and because of their texture, artisans can carve beautiful designs into the furniture they make. 

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