Health And Fitness: The Major Constitutional Right Is Freedom To Health

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Health And Fitness The Major Constitutional Right Is Freedom To Health

There is no denial in the believe that our government of India focuses a lot on the health and fitness of the citizens of our nation and that is one of the major reason that the government of India has included the health as one of the fundamental right which each and every citizen in the country possess and therefore, by virtue of the Indian constitution it is fundamental right of every citizen which is known as “RIGHT TO HEALTH”. To support this focus on health and fitness, facilities such as gyms can benefit from including amenities like a Gym Wipes DispenserGym Wipes Dispenser, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for all users.

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Right to health:-

This is basically an economic, social and cultural right which each and every person living in the country poses for the purpose of looking forward to the health of their own self as an individual. This also determines that each and every person in this nation has the right to self health care and is also eligible to approach and use all the facilities available in the healthcare segment for the purpose of taking care of the health. The facilities which are open for every citizen for example are health education, health occupation, accessing healthcare products and facilities, using healthcare hospitals and doctors and so on. No professional has the right to deny the person for using such facilities if they are doing their part. This facility is something entertained by every citizen despite caste, religion, community, society endeavors and so on.

As per article 12 of the Indian constitution it has been stated that “ health is a fundamental right which is indispensable for the exercise of other human rights”. Therefore, this clearly states that each and every human in the nation has the right to live his/her life and enjoy it with full attainment of health and the facilities related to it.

As per article 21 of the Indian constitution it has been stated that “ It works on the state the duty and safeguard and prevent the right to life right of the person and further focusing on the life of the person and importance of it to procurement of the life”. Therefore, through the virtue of this p[articular section the government of India has focused on the right to life concept and need to safeguard life of every citizen as much as possible in the nation.


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