Sort Of Risk A Mother Can Expose For The Fetus Or NewBorn During Pregnancy Due To Consumption Of CBD

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Sort Of Risk A Mother Can Expose For The Fetus Or NewBorn During Pregnancy Due To Consumption Of CBD

If being a woman you have thought about bringing a new life in the world then one needs to be procured and preventive towards their baby in the womb and therefore various restrictions they have to impose in their life for the well being of the fetus and newborn life.

The use of CBD always leads to harmful effects on the human body and developing babies have more harmful effects as their body is at developing stage and can not undergo the effects of drugs or medicines on themselves.

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How CBD is harmful for the fetus or newborn:-

CBD consumption is used for treating epilepsy seizures but the quantity of using it is prescribed and also the same is given usually to the child aged above 5 years and therefore, there is strict no for giving any sort of consumption of CBD to the fetus or newborn seeing the various negative impacts on their life which are as follows:-

  • It has been found that the mothers who consume CBD or marijuana during pregnancy of their fetus lead to issues with immune impairment as it impacts the immune system of the newborn and also impacts their neurological system. The chemical released through the exposure of CBD during pregnancy leads to dysfunction of the immune system in the fetus and also alter various compounds of the fetus which is important for their growth and function further in their life.
  • Usually a lot of new mothers do not understand the harmful effects of CBD during pregnancy but one of the most crucial issues which came across by using the CBD during pregnancy is that the mother who consumes CBD during pregnancy the chances of getting exposed to the risk of cancer in their children is higher and prominent.
  • If a mother is using or smoking CBD during breastfeeding their child then chances of brain disorder in that child increases.
  • CBD can lead to an issue of chronic disorder in the infant so mother should avoid the same during pregnancy and lactation journey completely.

Therefore, there should not be any use of CBD during the pregnancy phase and lactation phase.


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