Cooking Hacks for Busy Parents

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Cooking hacks for busy parents


One concept highly important to a busy parent is the efficiency of kitchen operations. Tips that help you to spend less time, less energy or less money in front of a stove turn a rather frantic weeknight into a calm family evening. Each good kitchen hack, therefore, works towards making the meals easy to prepare, healthier and to be consumed by those with undesirable eating habits. The following cooking tips and tricks will assist in cutting down on preparation time and avoiding any distress at the dinner table.  

Easy Cooking Hacks 

Purchase Prepped Ingredients  

Applying prepped ingredients for your meals is very useful when it comes to saving your time on weekdays. 

These are not necessarily ready to cook meals but things such as grated cheeses, marinated or flavoured meats, and chopped vegetables. 

Get Familiar With Your Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a kitchen essential everyone should own and learn how to use correctly though many people may not be familiar with it. 

One can add ingredients into a slow cooker in the morning and come home to warm a delicious and healthy meal. Your slow cooker cooks while you get on with your other day to day activities. 

Make More Sheet Pan Meals

Sheet pan meals are easy to prepare especially; they are excellent for little or no cleanup at all after a delicious meal. Roasting your ingredients in a single sheet pan is very easy and time-saving. 

Designate a Spice Drawer  

Organisation of spices in a drawer is a necessity for every cook who wants to create perfect meals. Spices are essential every time one is in the kitchen; therefore, it is wise to sort them and pack them in a way that makes it easier to reach for them.   

Whip up Breakfast for Dinner

There are some foods that are simply perfect for a breakfast for dinner; it doesn’t matter what it is, people can get behind anything called ‘breakfast’. 

Preparing breakfast food for dinner is an excellent way of lowering the level of preparation complexity. 

Meal Plan for the Week 

Unfortunately, one thing that people overlook while planning for the meals to prepare is that it can save time as well as money. Decide on the meals to prepare for the week and write down all the required groceries.  

Corkboard installed on the inside of cabinets  

Using cork board as a lining to your kitchen cabinets is recommended to help eliminate unnecessary formation of clutter. Instead of covering the fridge with the weekly recipes, schedules, and menus of take-out food chains, use the corkboard.  


These simple hacks can make weeknight meal prep much less of a scramble and a lot more enjoyable. These techniques; Where you prepare and cook slowly, using ready set foods, preparing foods that children would love, they all assist you to cut on time, energy in preparation while preparing healthy foods for your family. Effectiveness in the kitchen is important when one is a parent with tight schedules and the given hacks are efficient in helping you become a master chef in the kitchen.

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