Top 10 Luxury Gyms in London

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Top 10 Luxury Gyms in London

To maintain your physical health you should have to join Gyms so that you will be physically fit. As you can see below the list of top 10 Luxury Gyms is mentioned so that you will find one of the most suitable. You can also share your opinions and experiences and for that, you have to submit a guest post on Health


For many years, Psycle has been a mainstay on the schedules of gym enthusiasts in London. The most popular session at Psycle is called "Ride," and you should definitely try it out. The lively instructors make the forty-five minutes fly by with fast-paced, extremely enjoyable sessions. For the most incredible journey, keep an eye out for themed classes.

Dabbs Fitness

With no more than eight students per class, Dabbs Fitness offers small courses where you can receive one-on-one attention from knowledgeable trainers. With instruction on every step to make sure you're nailing it and always getting better, the class has more of the vibe of a personal training appointment than a group workout.


You should join Bodyism, a gym in Notting Hill, London's trendy neighbourhood of Westbourne Grove. It has Instagram-worthy decor, a killer smoothie bar, members-only programmes and private training sessions. Additionally, don't pass up the therapies.

The session combines a dynamic blend of interval training, yoga, pilates, meditation, and stretching to tone and strengthen the entire body. Small class sizes allow for optimal instruction.

East of Eden

East of Eden should be high on your list of places to visit if you're searching for a remote haven where you can practise reformer Pilates and yoga. Tucked away in a Walthamstow mews street, the studio is light and airy, and a tonne of plants give the place a zen atmosphere. On the ground floor, there's a great cafe/shop that sells locally-made goods for a post-class treat.

Elements by Retrofit

Even though it's only a short distance from busy High Street Kensington, the instantly serene environment is brand-new, minimalist, and ultra-modern, with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and a peaceful vibe that washes over you.

With a focus on aerial yoga and reformer Pilates, the small class sizes make for a very personalised experience with one-on-one coaching. They also provide one-on-one instruction.


In addition to having first-rate workout facilities, Equinox offers programmes designed and developed by the brightest minds in the business, led by gifted fitness instructors who push you to the limit and motivate you to achieve results. It's more of a private members club than a gym, and membership comes with a tonne of privileges.

Roar Fitness

Try Roar if you're looking for quick and noticeable results. Their philosophy is centred on achieving outcomes. At their cutting edge Kensington studio, which houses both classes and rigorous personal training, there are seldom more than ten students in each small group session, each with their own exercise station and no equipment shared. "This is the ideal moment to improve your strength, fitness, and overall health.


Barry's exercise regimen is not for the frail. As you tackle a 50/50 HIIT mix of treadmill and floor activity, instructors will push you to your limits. This is done to guarantee that your body receives a balanced workout and enough time to recover.

Barry's lessons will make you work for that muscle; you'll be pushing yourself to run faster and lift bigger weights. The ultra-luxurious changing rooms are comparable to a five-star hotel, and the fully-equipped red room boasts premium weights and thumping music.

Nobu Portman Square Gym

Undoubtedly one of the chicest in all of London, Nobu Portman Square in Marylebone offers an extensive menu of both conventional and innovative treatments along with a fully equipped gym, pilates studio and juice bar. 

They even provide a personalised fitness tracking software to assist you in achieving your objectives. Modern Technogym equipment spread across 140 square metres is available around the clock to help you stay focused, comfortable, and in shape.

Circuit Society

Circuit Society has expanded to Bayswater, joining its other locations in Camden and St. Albans. If you haven't experienced their high-intensity lessons, make a reservation as soon as possible. 

There is no possibility of boredom throughout the lesson because there are six high-tech stations, each lasting six minutes, and the trainers are very encouraging if you start to feel fatigued. To add some variety to your workout, Circuit Society also provides 45-minute TRX and boxing lessons.


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