Guidelines Of World Health Organization On Various Health Related Topics

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Guidelines Of World Health Organization On Various Health Related Topics

World health organization is a mother unit of the world in terms of giving guidelines for maintaining and achieving the goals towards good health and therefore all over the world people follow up the guidelines and schedule of the world health organization for their good health. 

Few of the things which they prefer followed by every person on some of the particular health related issues and these are mentioned herein below:-

  • Covid 19: This was an extreme pandemic in the entire world for which the entire world was on lock down for almost 2 consecutive years for which the world health organization seeing through the issues passed and guidelines to safeguard every person against this disease to keep a mask covering their mouth and nose area. (2) Maintain social distancing. (3) To get the doses of vaccination for the same which came in the year 2021 to fight against the virus as the same build antibodies in our body.
  • Tobacco and e-cigarettes: Tobacco and e-cigarettes are a serious problem in today’s youth and other people. World health organizations, understanding the harmful consequences of this, have declared that all the companies selling tobacco and e-cigarettes need to mention a disclaimer on their products that these products are injurious to health and can cause cancer. World health organizations in order to maintain the health of people across the world also share the guidelines to avoid smoking during pregnancy and other health related things and also to try quitting smoking forever.
  • Dengue: This is a virus which causes viral infection and  which usually spreads through bites of a dengue mosquito. Currently as per the world health organization the half of the world population at current time is at the risk of dengue virus wherein further the guidelines have been updated at their website for people to learn who to prevent themselves and their health from this hazardous virus. 
  • Herpes: This is a common virus which generally causes ulcers and painful blisters. It is contagious in nature and can be caused by skin to skin contamination. This virus is treatable but not curable so please if you have seen anybody with the symptoms please check the world health organization page and read more about this disease in order to cure your health and your loved ones.
  • Mental disorders: This is not a contagious disease and can be a problem due to neuro issue or any other trauma or anything which can happen at any phase of life. Some people face this issue with their birth and some can have it at any age during their lifespan. For you to be aware of the same and for your good health do chek world health organization page for more about this disease.

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